Save the Children

Save the Children is a charitable organization working to make sure every child receives the proper healthcare, education, protection and nutrition. They are about making the necessary changes to ensure children receive what they deserve. The organization got its start at the beginning of the 20th century by 2 sisters, Eglantyne Jebb and Dorothy Buxon, who had a vision that all children deserved to be protected. Jebb was arrested and fined in Trafalgar Square for distributing leaflets meant to draw attention to the plight of children at the end of World War One.

How it all Began

The “Save the Children” fund was established in 1919 at a public meeting at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Save The Children was not intended to be a permanent organization. It was meant to provide relief for children suffering the effects of war. After being called on to help out in an emergency after emergency, the sisters decided a permanent organization was necessary.

Where they are Today

Today, Save the Children, is a worldwide organization still working to protect the children of the world. Save the Children works to change economic policies, and activities that exclude children. They lobby the governments that promise to protect children’s rights, but do not. They work to ensure children get a proper education despite poverty and discrimination. They are working to bring proper nutrition through an eight-step program that addresses hunger and better health care through several health care initiatives.


Save the Children relies on donations to make ends meet and continue their work. In 2008-2009, their income grew by £55.2 million to £216 million. Over the last five years, for every £1 donated, 85p was spent on charitable expenditures. The remaining 15p was used to raise the next £1. Their funding comes from donations and gifts, legacies, investments, gifts in kind, retail and institutional gifts. Despite the downturn in the economy if 2009 and 2010, Save the Children has managed to increase their donations. Their current goal is to double their income by 2017, help more children, make more of an impact and have a louder voice.

How to Help

There are countless ways to help Save the Children fund. A simple donation at anytime is welcome and it can easily be done online. There are fund raising events taking place year round. There are runs, walks and tennis tournaments taking place or you can organize your own such event. Organize a sporting event for a day of fun and fund raising. Gather your family and friends together and organize your own fund raising event. The crazier the idea, the more successful it might be. Every little bit helps children and you will feel good knowing you did your part.

Business and corporations can get on the fund raising bandwagon and sponsor an event or a series of events with the proceeds benefiting Save the Children. This is your opportunity to get out into the community and bring everyone together for a day or evening of fun and fund raising.

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