Rainbows is a charitable organization dedicated to hospice care for children and young people. Established in 1994, Rainbows has cared for hundreds of children and families and seen them through life ending afflictions. Founders Gail and Harry Moore began fund raising to build a facility that would help families with a sick child, an experience they suffered first hand. When the facility finally became a reality, they named it after their daughter’s most favorite thing – a rainbow.

What Rainbows Provides

Rainbows is an all inclusive family facility where they not only care for an ill child but provide support services and counseling for parents and siblings, as well. The Family Support Workers work with each family to establish their needs and establish a plan how best to provide support and information. The Rainbow staff is the link between information and practical support that is available to families.

Rainbows provide support and information for siblings of patients at Rainbows. This gives the youngsters the opportunity to share experience with others and talk to those who truly understand what they are going through. Rainbows also provide one to one counseling when necessary and offer bereavement support at the end of their sibling’s life.

Rainbows also provides care to a child in a private home. That allows the family some respite to spend time with their other children or to just get out of the house for a few hours. The entire family is allowed to spend up to a fortnight at Rainbows family facility and enjoy the comfort of the family rooms and living areas, while their child is receiving care.

The Rainbows Cultural Link Workers are an outreach component to make sure the services offered are culturally and religiously appropriate. They reach out to the diverse community with information packets and informal seminars to open the lines of communication. They work to vanquish misunderstanding about their facility and program that may arise.

The Fund Raising Team

Rainbows rely on donations from individuals, community groups, businesses, corporate entities and fund raising events sponsored by the Rainbow Patrons. Currently, it costs £2.6 to operate Rainbows annually. That will increase to £3.6 in 2010 when the new and improved facility opens. 80% of that funding has to come from charitable donations. The remainder is allocated through government awards and grants.

Rainbows has a fund-raising team in place to plan and execute fund raising events throughout the year. They also assist individuals and groups with fund-raising efforts. Patrons of the facility often set up fund raising events utilizing Rainbows A to Z Fund Raising guide. It is full of wacky ideas that just might make the fund raiser the social event of the season.

Many businesses, community and corporate groups hold annual events to raise funds and the public looks forward to those events with eager anticipation and generosity. Even those that have never availed themselves to Rainbow, realize the need for such facilities. It is devastating to lose a child but having no support only compounds the grief and the difficulty of the event.

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