Some philanthropists work day and night, putting in their best efforts for the betterment of other underprivileged human beings. Their primary goal in life is to work for and enhance the living conditions of as many people as possible. All these wonderful souls comprise the thousands of organisations around the world that strive day and night, touching millions of lives. All these organisations are similar to each other, as they do not work for fame or any monetary benefits. They have a cause, a mission and it is not just fulfilling the basic needs of food, clothes and shelter but also working towards improving the quality of life.

Philanthropy event ideas come from individuals with compassion for the lives of other living creatures. These individuals are able to empathize with their poor conditions and work towards bringing them hope and a shot at a secure future. For example, some organisations take up the initiative of teaching and educating street children and encourage these children to attend classes, they are provided with free meals or food coupons. In some cases, organisations go a step ahead and encourage interested and focussed students towards a better education. Language immersion is a concept where a student is taught a second language by instructing various subjects to him/her in that language, unlike traditional courses where the language just forms another subject during the course. The French immersion program is a popular student choice today where the student learns to appreciate the traditions and culture of the second language and if mastered, would open a world of opportunities for the student himself/ herself.

There are many charitable organisations in the world today, each empathizing with a certain aspect of life. To name a few causes, there are charitable organisations for saving the forest, the tiger, educating street children, animal welfare institutes, mentally unfit, various other biological disorders, medical researches with cancer research is being given a lot of attention. Cancer research is the basic study of cancerous cells i.e. the cells undergoing abnormal mutations. Through this, people wish o first identify the causes of cancer and then develop potential strategies, which would help prevent its occurrence or diagnose the current situation, develop treatments and find a cure. This sort of study takes years, a lot of expensive equipment, facilities and countless clinical trials. FLIP Project in Gibraltar encourages students to face social responsibility by actively participating in charity projects and working for community development.

One of the world's leading charitable organisations would be - 'Cancer research UK'. Dedicated to defeating cancer, this organisation has saved countless lives from the clutches of cancer. The organisation has not only diagnosed and treated cancer patients, but also done an in depth study on how to prevent the onset of cancer, thereby saving a lot more lives from becoming potentially fatal. Patience and a thoroughly dedicated attitude towards one’s work along with a deep knowledge of the subject is the key to success. The ultimate prize would be seeing the effective application of one's hard work, the work of a few lives saving the lives of millions. Bonita Trust is committed to help communities address important healthcare challenges. Hence the Trust provides healthcare charity through various programs to meet the healthcare issues.

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