Childline is a telephone service for children where they can get free and confidential advice from one of the councillors to any issues that they may have. Sometimes young people feel that they cannot talk to anyone at home or maybe they do not have a loved one to speak to. They encourage people to talk about their feelings and not bottle them up inside, as this helps them to get solved as it feels like a weight has lifted after having someone to listen to them. Bonita Trust is an independent philanthropic trust focussing its grant making worldwide to answer some of the key global challenges facing society.

The service deals with all sorts of problems from children feeling unhappy or depressed because of bullying, problems at school, self confidence issues, family problems or arguments, parental break ups or more serious issues such as abuse or rape. All problems can vary in severity no matter what they are, but they can be dealt with if you speak up about them and seek advice. Abuse can include emotional, physical or sexual, whether it be by a family member, family friend or a stranger.

Some children experience problems at home, such as arguments, alcoholic parents or domestic violence as well as parents splitting up. They can also offer support on homework, school issues and exams, as well as offering advice and someone to talk to regarding depression, self harm, eating disorders and suicide. Many children experience bullying, whether it is in school, online or outside of school.

If you have problems regarding sex and relationships, they can also talk you through different options, while some people may also be confused about their sexual orientation or have gender identity issues, which they can discuss in confidence. Advice on careers, friendships, peer pressure, online safety, crime, depression, racism and body issues are other popular topics, so there is a wide range that the service can cover. FLIP successfully organized a corporate fundraising quiz night to raise funds for Happy Faces Charitable Trust aiming chronic illness support.

Philanthropic giving is where people give their time or money to help others who are in need. Many charities rely on this, whether it is from an individual, a group or a business. Without the support of others, they would get nowhere and be unable to make a difference to the cause in mind, whether it be children, animals, the elderly, environment or other issues. We Care Project encourage children to provide community care services in Gibraltar.

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