Action for Children

Action for Children is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1972 as a source of childcare and early learning. Action for Children also works with agencies in the surrounding area that includes Pickaway, Madison, Licking, Delaware and Fairfield. Action for Children is recognized as a Quality Assured program by the National Association of Child Care Resources and Referral Agencies. Action for Children provides all their programs with strong leadership and continues to work towards the high excellent standards in child care and early learning.

The Goals of Action for Children

Action for Children provides private and public resources and advocates for early education and child care finance reform. They also are advocates for universal registration for family home care providers, quality, early learning environments and wages in keeping with similar industry compensation. Action for Children also works on behalf of children on a statewide level is the Ohio Professional Development Network, Ohio Afterschool Network, Ohio early care and education campaign and school readiness solutions group.

The work of Action for Children maintains that childcare and early education is almost one in the same and necessary to promote growth, learning and development. Successful growth and development of children will result in independent children that maintain respect for differences in culture.

Action for children also works to achieve a collaborative participation within the community and promote the racial diversity and cultural differences and issues in early childhood education. They provide information and tools necessary to parents who in turn help to provide their children with quality early experiences. Action for Children offers support for parents as well. They provide opportunities for parents to improve parenting skills through a variety of programs and workshops to build family empowerment skills.

Overseers and Funding

Action for Children is overseen by a 19 member board of directors. They oversee the day to day operation of the organization and provide the compass to make sure their mission stays the course. They plan for future growth as well as maintaining the programs that serve so many children today.

Action for Children raises additional funds by holding special events that integrate their mission with core values. Action for Children works to secure funding for programs from public and private entities including business leaders, community members and government, the ultimate goal being all children in their district have access to quality early learning initiatives. Research indicates that for every $100 invested in early childhood learning your community will save $7.00 per child. Donors may make a onetime tax deductible donation or become a Circle of Women Member or a Circle of Business Member.

Action for Children also has a group of funding partners that make substantial contributions to the organization as well as sponsor the events held each year. They also have a group of business partners who donate services that not only cover program needs but administrative needs as well. They encourage participation from all corners of life and work diligently to work for all children and families. Strong children and strong families translate to independent individuals.

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