NSPCC National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

The NSPCC in the United Kingdom came about when Liverpool businessman, Thomas Agnew traveled to New York Society to visit the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. He was impressed with what he saw and upon his return to the United Kingdom began the task of setting up the Liverpool Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. The charity works on behalf of children for their protection. As a result of the advocacy of the group, Parliament passed the very first  law to protect children from  neglect and abuse in the United Kingdom, in 1889.

The Function of the NSPCC

The Society lobbies the government regarding issues relating to child welfare. They create campaigns for the purpose of raising awareness of child protective issues. They operate a helpline offering assistance to anyone concerned about a child’s welfare and a child line offering support for children themselves. They also offer an online service that can be found at www.there4me.com. The charity also operates 177 local services that offer family support, and specific family services such as alcohol and drug related problems.

Core Values

The NSPCC maintain core values that promote child protection from exploitation and violence, establishes a responsibility for all to support protection and care for all children, respect children , encourage children to fulfill their potential, challenge inequalities for children and provide children a safe place to go and have someone to turn to in time of crisis.

The Board

The NSPCC is governed by a 16 member Board of Trustees who ensures the organization is run according to its core values and charter. In addition to attending board meetings, the members also sit on the various committees to review activities and policies, and develop new activities crucial to the maintenance and growth of the organization. The board works diligently to review the governing documents and set in place new policies revise out of date policies and eliminate ineffective or obsolete policies.


The NSPCC relies mostly on donations from private and public sources, fund raising events, purchasing items on EBay and participating department stores, donations in memory of a loved one, tribute funds to honor a special life, payroll deduction and bequests. Donations and contributions benefit the many programs and services provided by the NSPCC. United Kingdom residents may take advantage of the tax benefits for a donation to charity.

The NSPCC adheres to the fund raising standards set forth by the Fund Raising Standards Board. By joining the board, the NSPCC agrees to work within a strict set of guidelines and a fund raising promise. That promise is a commitment to treat the public with fairness, respect, honestly and clarity in all fund raising activities. It is implemented to maintain a transparent and self regulatory scheme to encourage high standards in fund raising and encourage public confidence in charitable giving. There is also a clear policy in place that allows complaints to be lodged and addressed by the NSPCC in a timely and honest manner.

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