About Children’s Charities

Children are the future of the world and deserve to be cared for, loved and protected from the evils of society. Children’s charities work to raise awareness for the plight of children and raise funds to provide protective services and advocate for policy adoption and change to further protect children. Children’s charities often come about as a result of a negative event that has affected an individual or family. Children’s charities also come about as recognition of the needs of children of an extraordinary occurrence such as health and medical needs. Sometimes the charities provide a preemptive strike to avoid negative impact to children’s lives or they provide the safety net to keep a child from falling.

The Role of the Charities

The role of Children’s charities is to lobby on behalf of the children for basic human services. Charities often appeal to the general public and government for support in the form of financial contributions and recognition and endorsement for the work they do. The charities will often raise funds for the purpose of supporting the charity. The fund raisers come in the form of games of chance such as drawings for cash or prizes, events of competition such as sporting events and dinners or luncheons for the purpose of hearing a favorite speaker.

The charities define their organizations and the limit of the support they will offer. The charities are over seen by a board of directors, or other board of officials to maintain the integrity of the charity and the focus of the organization is kept intact. Charities will sometimes solicit celebrities to endorse their organization to bring more awareness and recognition to their effort. Most celebrities will not only become a spokesperson for the charity but an active participant in events and fund raising.

Some charities do not support one common cause but children’s charities in general. Through their fund raising efforts, which include public and private donations, and fund raising events, they support a variety of charities financially, assisting each of them with much needed funds and awareness.

Getting Involved

With so many charities in place already, anyone wanting to get involved with a charitable cause has many to pick one. All charities are looking for interested and active members to keep the spirit of their mission alive. For those that have been the recipient of charity in the past may repay the kindness by doing something for others.

Children’s charities are many in number, and diverse in direction. They range from child protective services to grandparents associations to hospice care to the placement of children to advocacy of children playing cricket. The goals are different, but the one main focus is to provide the children with a lacking component in their lives. There are approximately 55 registered charities for children in the United Kingdom. A listing can found by executing a web search for children’s charities. The individual web pages for each charity describe what they provide and who is eligible for service. Interested persons will also find a history of the organization as well as fund-raising efforts.

Ruth Parasol: Ruth Parasol is a member of Bonita Trust Advisory Board. Her philanthropic contributions through family care project & Bonita Trust includes charitable grants to tackle family, health, education and cultural issues.

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